Need a lift?

City driving made easy and safe - with a clear conscience.
Download DRIVR and order both car and driver with a single app.

How it works

1. Download app

The app is free. Download it and create profile by following the steps.

2. Book a ride

Order your ride by entering your destination and car type. At that point you willbe given the price and an ETA.

3. Your jurney

Sit back and enjoy the ride. At the end, you’ll be able to pay for it in the app, as well as rate it.

Our philosophy

Clear Conscience

At DRIVR, we offer a single pricing model, impeccable service, and almost zero emissions.
Our cars are either brand new hydrogen-powered or hybrid.

A single price model makes us stand out among our competitors.

We continously improve our experience. That refers to both how you book a car and to how you ride.

We aim to make cities a better place to live by reducing NOx and CO2 emmissions.

“Top customer experience – this is what the future should be like Great experience with nice drivers. It’s simply a different experience than a normal cab. Super simple app that gives you a clear understanding of the ride, facts about the driver (where he is, and when he’ll arrive). It’s nice not to have to guess. They’re proactive when delays due to trafic happen. Once again, so that no one waits in vain. All in all… A top customer experience. Exactly as it should be in 2020. Thank you, DRIVR. You’re my clear first choice.”

John Frandsen

“DRIVR is my absolute favorite taxi company, and I almost always use them. The drivers are always really sweet and helpful, the service is great, and I’ve always been treated with respect. And their prices are much lower, and that’s only a plus. It’s always a pleasure to ride with you, DRIVR.”

Lara Denice Gavidia Linares

Raffinaderivej 8
DK-2300 KĂžbenhavn S
CVR: 39048329